Sound of Faith

updated: 2024-01-25

Company Profile

Covenant Music Instruments, Limited is a music industry company whose business covers music instrument design, production, trading, etc.

Focused on guitars and related products, Covenant has brought COVENANT and SILKA brands to the market with original guitar designs and superb technologies. Both has been welcomed and recommended by artists and customers.

Brand Promises

All Efforts for Musicians​

There’re many ways to tell if a guitar is good. All these standards should meet players’ needs. The efforts from the guitar making team would be in vain if they are not for musicians.

Covenant insists the ‘All Efforts for Musicians’ concept to design, manufacture and fine-tune our guitars, as a basis.

Take Roots Down, Bear Fruits Up​

In China, a bamboo can grow to 10 feet tall in 6 weeks, for the seed had been absorbing nutrition for 3 years.

Making a good product is quite alike. Without the elaborate designing, massive customer feedbacks and frequent remodeling, there would never be the really good products.

Covenant now sells globally and the sales volume is gaining yearly. That’s because of the constant product capability shaping, deep worldwide playing habits research, and progressive service upgrading.

Sound of Faith​

‘Covenant’ is to keep promises loyally. It’s meaningful among people, especially in these days, and is as meaningful between Covenant and customers.

People choose Covenant products with faith, for Covenant provides products and services with loyalty.


Founded in 2012, Covenant Music Instruments has grown steadily from a hand-craft workshop to a modern company.

By constantly developing and upgrading, Covenant is now capable to design & produce entire product lines for acoustic & electric guitars. Electric bass products will come very soon in this year.


Workshop period. Prototypes and key techs developed.


The factory and COVENANT brand established.
First exhibition on Music China.


First artist collaboration. Reformed production procedure.


Applied HCP, HEATREATED, FULLY-EMBEDDED and other technologies.


Reformed brand image with a brand new headstock design.


Entered international market.


First NAMM show. More global business expansion.


Covenant has been running its own factory for over a decade.

The Factory

Located in Dalian, a portal city in north-east China, the Covenant factory has the best weather condition for guitar making.
Sharing 3 major cargo harbors, a 4E international airport and multiple railway stations, goods can be shipped anywhere.

Nowadays the factory has complete production lines for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and other related products. The electric bass guitar & classical guitar lines will be established in near future.

The Team

Covenant has a exclusive develop & design department to design products from draft. .

For the production team, employees are fairly trained and the majority of them have worked for Covenant for at least 5 years.

The Suppliers

To serve the best products to customers, we’ve been not only purchasing from, but deeply co-operating with leading industry suppliers.

Leading Technologies

HCP Procedure

The HCP productional procedure is a concept from Covenant to make massive produced guitars hand crafted like by human interfering at key points of production.

The procedure alters as different production lines and product models, and upgrades with Covenant’s tech innovations, but the concept never changes.


The neck and body of Covenant acoustic guitars are connected by the ɅS-JOINT Precision Joint System.

The two-piece glue-free joint design and reinforced fingerboard end avoids the fingerboard bending due to weather condition, that extends the life potential of the guitars. You can also easily condition or fix the guitar with the system.

For the electric guitars, the ɅS-JOINT system solidly bolts the neck to the body. The sound connection enhances the total response of the guitar and extends the sustain.

Unlike the screwed system, you can always rely on ɅS-JOINT INNO when you disassemble and reassemble your guitar.


Based on the previous Covenant EMB saddling technology, the FULLY-EMBEDDED saddling fixes the saddle tightly to the top, that solves the common acoustic guitar problems such as saddle broking and falling. The other benefit is, the strong link passes the sting vibration more efficiently, resulting better respond and loudness.


By thermal treating the material sheets in a closed environment with over 284°F (140°C) temperature, the Covenant HEATREATED treatment makes the original timber dehydrated and purified from grease and other substance, while consolidating the fiber structure.

After the thermal treatment, the material will then would be re-screened and graded, then become Covenant’s acoustic-worthy HEATREATED tonewoods.

HF COMFORT High-Fret Friendly Design

The HF CONFORT high-fret friendly design is a specifically designed cut shape to make it easier to play the high-potion frets while not interfering the structural strength of the neck stock.

X-Structure Bracing

The Covenant X-Structure bracing technology has been the foundation of Covenant acoustic guitar’s signature sound and quality since 2014.

In 2018, based on the original X-Structure bracing, by upgrading the materials with the HEATREATED tonewoods, the X-Structure Plus and the X-Structure Extreme lightweight structure came.

The latter evolved again in 2019. The X-Structure Extreme II came with Covenant’s high-end guitars. Lighter than typical structure, X-Structure Extreme II allows the top to vibrate more freely.

Every body types from Covenant have their unique X-Structure, with different cross-point positions and cross angels, sub-braces, etc., making all Covenant guitars’ acoustic performance balanced.

For the CUSTOM family, all product from C.C.W has the hand-crafted X-Structure HC. Profiling and toning for each individual to unleash the potential.

Body Type Highlights

The CORV Family

First seen on the Covenant 750C in 2016, the CORV body type is welcomed by the musicians as its comfortableness and performance.

The CORV JUNIOR came with the Covenant JUNIOR family in 2017, which has been Covenant’s best-selling family for 5 years through.

Now, CORV extends its territory to elctrics. The CORV INNO carries the family gene of ergonomic and artistic forward.

V-Cut Design

The Covenant V-Cut design is an advanced corner design aimed to fix the acoustic problem with traditional C-shaped cut. You can find this modern looking design on Covenant’s DV / RV / GRV body types.

Comfortable Design

‘All efforts for Musicians’ has always been the key concept that Covenant followed. That’s why we kept developing ‘how to make comfortable guitars’.

The ‘SLOPE’ was the first result, to soften the edge between the top and the upper side, relaxing the player’s elbow.

The ‘COMFORT’ was an upgrade, then comes ‘COMFORT DUO’, the multi-surface cutting makes a comfortable playing experience either standing or seated.