Covenant Guitars

The ‘truly-customized’ custom service provided by the Covenant Custom Works (C.C.W) team was widely welcomed by guitar enthusiasts and well appreciated by professional musicians. In 2024, we entered the all-new visual era.

With the 3-D visualized technology, you can tryout, preview and submit your customizations on Covenant’s official website. With exclusive staff keeping tracking and reporting production, you can have your custom Covenant in only 40 work-days at least.


Co-created with producer / finger-style artist Mr. JOE, the C.C.W team built these collectible all-solid guitars elaborately with precious top-grade cocobolo, African ebony, and master-grade North-American spruce. Beneath the elegant appearance is the powerful bright, honey-sweet warm tone.

Specially chosen neck and head materials make the neck-head part more stable and artistic.

Fine-cornered anti-oxidize alloy fret-wires embedded on the African ebony fingerboard, can prevent bending noise and make fretting and sliding smoother.

Ergonomic Slope body design keeps the playing experience comfortable, even on hot summer days.

For Mr. JOE’s strict demand, to shape the special ‘JOE’s Tone’, the materials were exclusively selected and multiple handcraft procedure has been done such as top thickness varying and bracing reshaping.


All-Solid, 40" R-Type Slope Body, Electro-Acoustic

$ 3,999.00

Solid-Top Version: 310 ‘JOE’



All-Solid, 41" CORV Comfort Duo Body

$ 2,499.00


All-Solid, 41" GRV Comfort Duo Body

$ 2,499.00

Note: Guitars may feature minor visual variations due to differences in wood grain. The specs may vary as Covenant keeps upgrading its products.